pinkjess_linkedin_headshot1.jpgLike many of us, I struggled for years with my weight. I put myself on low-calorie diets, only to feel deprived. Within days, I would end up eating more to compensate. My weight went up and down…but mostly up. I felt anxious around food and frustrated about my inability to control my weight.

After developing skin rashes from food allergies when I was 25, I became very interested in the effects of dietary change on my health. I decided to go back to school to study nutrition and become a Registered Dietitian.

Learning about the connections between food and our health enabled me to make the changes to my diet that resulted in feeling better than I had ever dared to dream. Not only did I reach my goal weight and stop experiencing food allergies, but I became a calmer, more energized person overall, which helped me grow in the emotional, social and professional areas of my life. For the first time, I became fully conscious of how nutrition could support my overall wellness.

Balance, mindfulness, and sustainable living are the key principles in my approach to wellness. Feeling your best depends on enjoying a healthy diet, combined with doing physical activity that lifts your spirits, meeting your needs for sleep, managing stress levels, doing meaningful work, and nurturing your most important relationships.

My passion is communicating about food and nutrition in a positive and practical way to help people change their habits to improve their health.  As a mom with three kids who works outside the home, I understand the daily challenges that can interfere with healthy eating.

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Talk soon!


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